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Since 2015, the culture cluster has gradually become an essential part of the strategic development of the University of Guyana. The strong presence of research and cultural activities provides our region with particularly favourable conditions for the emergence of a cultural maelstrom in which the university and its students play a crucial role. The university's cultural activities can be broken down into 3 areas.

Training: anchoring and opening up the university's culture at the heart of its region

The University of Guyana offers an attractive range of artistic and cultural courses. This is evidenced by the significant increase in enrolments in arts courses. The mission of the university's culture commission is to work with the objectives of the arts and culture courses in order to complete the careers of students by :

  • developing university training courses tailored to local conditions
  • helping students (bachelor's and master's degrees) to find their bearings and integrate into the professional world
  • supporting the artistic presence through artists' residencies
  • promoting amateur practices

Research: tangible and intangible cultural heritage in the Amazon basin

The aim of the project is to set up a network for research in the human sciences in the Amazon region, and to draw up a joint research programme (with partners in Brazil, Surinam and Guyana) in order to gain a better understanding of these heritages and their circulation, and to make recommendations for the implementation of a joint policy for their protection and enhancement. The aim is to combine a scientific approach with cultural practice in order to strengthen research into :

  • Encouraging the opening up of research themes, particularly in a transdisciplinary approach to issues in the artistic and cultural sector
  • promoting regional networking
  • strengthening inter-regional and international cooperation

Campus life: affirming cultural diversity and a shared culture

Quite simply, the aim is to bring the university campus to life by initiating or supporting initiatives by students and university staff, and to open the doors of the university to the general public.

  • Open University: Journey to the heart of knowledge: Lecture series
  • Student initiatives: supporting student associations
  • Promoting the cultural dimension of sport
  • Spreading the film heritage = film clubs
  • Organise a monthly literary café
  • Promoting culture in catering outlets
  • Offering artistic and cultural activities open to all


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Cultural Action

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