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Psychological interviews will resume in person. They will take place every Friday from 8am to 10am. Appointments can be made by email at the following address

Service Universitaire de Médecine Préventive et de Promotion de la Santé (SUMPPS)

The University Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion Service provides a permanent, personalised service for all students. You can get advice, update a vaccination, obtain a medical certificate or consult for any medical question. The service is staffed by a full-time nurse, a doctor and a psychologist. These professionals are bound by professional secrecy and are here to help you. These services are free of charge

Its missions

In accordance with decree 2008-1026 of 7 October 2008 on the organisation and tasks of university preventive medicine and health promotion services, SUMPPS must carry out at least one preventive medical examination for students during their first three years of study. This medical check-up enables screening to be carried out and students to be referred to other health professionals if necessary, vaccinations to be checked and medical certificates to be issued.

Compulsory medical visit
This visit takes place on Monday and Wednesday mornings by appointment. Appointments can be made directly with the nurse or by telephone on 0594 29 50 75. Please bring your vaccination certificate with you to the visit.

Medical check-up on request
Students may ask to speak to the doctor or nurse for advice, a vaccination update or a medical certificate.

The nurse

The nurse is a health advisor. She is on duty at the service and welcomes students every day during opening hours. She responds to all requests for listening and support, and provides advice and guidance as required. The nurse provides medical care (routine and emergency) and works in collaboration with other partners: PMI, Family Planning Centre, Maison des adolescents de Guyane, Croix rouge, Centre médico-sportif de la Guyane.

The psychologist
A psychologist is on hand to help you overcome the difficulties you may encounter during your university studies or in your day-to-day life (isolation, family problems, difficulties with your studies, worries about your future, etc.). every Friday from 8.30am to 10amBy appointment only with the SUMPPS nurse.

Sophrology coaching
Stress management, better sleep... all year round. For information and to make an appointment, please contact the SUMPPS nurse.


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University Department of Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion

Ms Dominique FORIER
Charge nurse

0594 29 50 75
Monday to Friday mornings 8am-12pm
Monday afternoons 2.30-4pm
Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 1pm-4pm
No reception on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

Troubiran Campus
Student Life Building G
BP 20792
97337 CAYENNE Cedex

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