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Centre de ressources en langues

L he Centre de Ressources en Langues (CRL) at the Université de Guyane welcomes you to its digital space. The aim of this space is to offer you the tools you need to work independently and make progress in foreign languages. The Language Resource Centre also welcomes you in room Bsi004 every Thursday and Friday.

You will find a computer room giving you access to :

  • Online resources listed and updated,
  • A Moodle space to prepare for the TOEIC exam,
  • Access to Reflex'English software, which allows you to work on your English progressively and adaptively if you need to reinforce your basics.

For L1 and L2 students, personal work at the LRC may be subsidised by your LVE teachers. Please contact us or your teachers for details.

Test your language level

There are a number of sites that can help you determine your level. The CERCL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) has three main categories and is now used as a reference in all European countries.
A - Basic user
A1 - Introductory or Discovery | A2 - Intermediate or Common
B - Independent user
B1 - Threshold level | B2 - Advanced or independent
C - Experienced user
C1 - Autonomous | C2 - Proficient

English Victorias

Victorias Spanish

https://dialangweb.lancaster.ac.uk/ (14 languages)


https://www.esl.fr/fr/test-de-langue-en-ligne/voyages-linguistiques.htm (8 languages)


Language laboratory software

My Cow (only available at university)

Reflex'English Pro Cambridge (only available at university)

Online resources - English


To review the essentials

English for beginners :

English for intermediate level :

Work on grammar :

Working on vocabulary :
Work on pronunciation :

Listening comprehension :

Business English (AES degree)

General :

Glossary :

Listening comprehension :

Written comprehension :


Medical English

For beginners:

For intermediates and advanced :

Dictionaries :

English for science


IT English (IUT)

Online resources - English (research and professional communication)

The French site https://www.fun-mooc.fr/ offers a wide variety of MOOCs. Courses are available for a limited time and are renewed very frequently. The validation certificate is free. Many MOOCs are available on Coursera.org. You can register and then access the courses as an unrestricted listener (go to the bottom of the page where a free trial is offered and click on the small "unrestricted listener" tab). If you wish to receive certification, then the course becomes chargeable.

Online resources - Portuguese

Brazilian Portuguese Courses


TOEIC: the University of Guyana offers institutional TOEIC sessions. For dates, please contact the Language Resources Centre.

TOEIC preparation websites

DELE: certification in Spanish. Application for accreditation is underway.