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Faire un don à l'université de Guyane

Still in its infancy, the University of Guyana nevertheless has the ambitions of a major university.

  • It aims to improve the professional integration of its students by adjusting its range of courses to its economic environment and preparing them for the jobs of tomorrow;
  • It aims to become a University of excellence by promoting student success and anchoring the institution in national standards;
  • It places research at the heart of the university, with the ambition of making the University of Guyana a major player in macro-regional research over the next 10 years;
  • Its ambition is to attract more and more students, with the aim of increasing the number of students by 50% over the next 5 years.

The region's natural demographics must not be the only vector for this increase. The UG must also increase its attractiveness through the quality and originality of its teaching and research.

Why give?

A high-performance university
Private funding is essential to the development of universities. It is an additional contribution to the public funding needed to develop university life. It will enable the University of Guyana to become competitive and to take teaching and research to the next level, thanks to high-performance research funds, innovative teaching and ultra-modern buildings.

A university of excellence
The quality of teaching is the core business of any university. This is why it is essential for the University of Guyana to recruit exceptional men and women to ensure that the quality of teaching continues to improve. Excellence in teaching and research also requires an ambitious training policy in order to provide competitive and innovative teaching.

A radiant university
Globalisation has played an important role in the transformation of universities. The University of Guyana is developing its network of international university partners in order to offer its students and staff increasingly rewarding mobility opportunities.

A university of talent
In French Guyana, unemployment among under-25s is a real scourge. This is why the University of French Guyana must act quickly and regularly renew its training offer in order to keep up with the new demands of the job market.

Tax benefits

For companies subject to income tax or corporation tax, your contribution entitles you to a tax reduction corresponding to 60 % of the sums paid, up to a limit of 0.5 % of turnover excluding VAT. So a donation of 100 euros would only cost you 40 euros (your tax reduction would be 60 euros). A tax receipt will be sent to you as soon as your donation has been processed.

For individuals, your contribution is eligible for a tax deduction of 66% of its amount, under the Income Tax (IR) 75% of its amount, under the Wealth Tax (ISF). The tax deduction is effective according to your donation, within the limit of 20% of your net taxable income. A donation of 100 euros therefore only costs you 34 euros (your tax reduction is 66 euros). A tax receipt will be sent to you as soon as your donation has been processed.

Make a donation to the University of Guyana


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