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lLaboratoire MINEA (Migration Interculturalité et Éducation en Amazonie)

M INEA is a multi-disciplinary research laboratory that brings together researchers from a wide range of fields: arts, humanities, languages, humanities and social sciences, technological sciences, law and economics. The laboratory focuses on the local economic fabric, associations, civil society and national and international partners.


The project to set up the Migration, Interculturality and Education in Amazonia (MINEA) research unit is an original approach that follows on from the activities of the research structure of the Université des Antilles et de la Guyane (UAG) that existed before the split. This was the Centre d'archivage et de documentation ethnographique de Guyane (CADEG), which was an internal team of the Centre de Recherche interdisciplinaire en Lettres, Langues, Arts et Sciences humaines (CRILLASH EA 4095) in French Guiana.

As part of programmes funded by the European Union and the French Guiana Region, collaboration had previously been established between the UAG and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS).

Accredited in January 2017, the 7485 MINEA research unit carries out its work within the framework of the University of Guyana's priority themes, as formulated by the institution's Doctoral School (ED 587).

MINEA aims to combine the contributions of the humanities, social sciences, law and literature to shed light on the multi-faceted realities of the Amazonian worlds. The University of Guyana's site project focuses on the Amazon territories. MINEA's multidisciplinary approach makes it possible to establish links between Amazonian territories and societies, and to develop innovative LLSH research that meets the needs of the region. The federating programme of the 'Territories and Societies in Amazonia' laboratory meets these needs.

Interdisciplinarity enables us to maintain the unity of these three sub-themes while developing interaction and cooperation between researchers. The different issues addressed require a genuine dialogue between our respective disciplines in order to take account of the detailed realities of the Amazonian worlds, and to develop innovative analytical tools and common research topics.

By extending our research area to include the whole of Amazonia, we will include the laboratory in high-level scientific research on Latin America, while integrating a comparative approach. As the University of Guyana is a member of the Institut des Amériques, it would seem appropriate to open up this research project to the whole of Amazonia, including Spanish-speaking Amazonia.

The team includes nearly 90 membersThis includes 37 teacher-researchers, 27 doctoral students, 26 research associates and a part-time administrative and financial manager.

Reporting structure(s)

University of French guiana

Contact details

University of French guiana
bât. A, Troubiran Campus
BP 6001, 97306 Cayenne Guyane
Website :

Research area(s)

Labellised in 2021, the 7485 MINEA research unit organises its research mainly around three themes defined in the research project:
  • Theme 1: Amazonian regions: dynamics, tensions and development
  • Theme 2: Amazonian tangible and intangible heritage
  • Theme 3: Democracies and the Amazonian people in the 21st century


Migration Interculturality and Education in Amazonia

MCF in regional cultures and languages

MCF in Private Law and Criminal Sciences
Deputy Director

MCF in Language Sciences
Deputy Director


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