Mise à jour le 4 April 2023 à 12:42 pm

Developing a genuine culture of entrepreneurship

The main strength of the University of Guyana lies in the wide range of disciplines it teaches. This offers students a wide range of professional opportunities in many different fields. The courses on offer clearly have a professional vocation. The University trains teachers and researchers, as well as future professionals in law, civil engineering, commerce, networks and telecommunications, health, culture and heritage, tourism, etc. Students are not cut off from the professional world.

During each year of study, they will be required to complete work placements and tutored projects. They will also take courses on professionalisation, and attend career forums organised at the university... One of the challenges is to develop a genuine culture of entrepreneurship. This means that all students have the time to learn about the economic sector in which they will be working.

To help students develop their personal training and career plans, the university has set up a Department of Guidance, Internships and Professional Integration (DOSIP), which brings together activities relating to information, guidance, help in finding internships and professional integration. This is an essential platform for facilitating exchanges and actions between the university and the professional world, our partners in employment.

  • The BAIP (Bureau d'Aide à l'Insertion Professionnelle) :
    accompanies students into working life. Its mission is to support and guide students in their search for work placements and first jobs.
  • University Information and Guidance Service (SUIO) :
    it guides and advises students in defining their study plans and gives them access to information on courses of study, careers and competitive entrance exams.
  • Pôle Etudiant Pour l'Innovation, le Transfert et l'Entrepreneuriat (PEPITE) :
    This scheme was designed by the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research to raise awareness, train and support students and young graduates in their efforts to set up or take over a business.