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University library

The library is there to help you succeed in your university studies, offering you its collections, services, reading areas and a team of librarians to help you with your research.

It trains you to master scientific and technical information and offers a regular cultural programme.

Digital services

The University of Guyana offers its students and all its users a range of digital services.

Student Life Building

Support for student projects (FSDIE), student associations, social aid and action (grants, exemption from tuition fees, social protection), student jobs, accommodation, meals, etc. all help to make student life as pleasant as possible.
The Bâtiment vie étudiante (BVE) (Student Life Building) is a place where students can meet and find out about cultural life and student associations. In one place, it brings together :

  • Mayouri FM radio station
  • the disability department ;
  • the cafeteria
  • 1 meeting room ;
  • a computer lending point ;
  • the infirmary,
  • CROUS,
  • SUAPS (Service Universitaire des Activités Physiques et Sportives).

To this end, the University of Guyana has set up a Department of Schooling, Research and Student Life (DRSVE), whose role is to help improve the reception of students. This department works with other university departments (library, cultural service, preventive medicine, etc.) and external organisations (CROUS, etc.) to carry out its missions.

Community life

As a student at the University of Guyana, you may want to get involved in campus life and create or join a student association.

How do you set up an association?
You must first appoint an executive committee, which must consist of at least 3 people: a chairman, a treasurer and a secretary.

Once you have set up your office, you need to write down clearly the purpose of your association, its long-term objectives and how decisions will be taken.

Once your association is clearer in the minds of all its members, you need to apply to the prefecture to create an association.

You will then fill in this form and, when you return the acceptance paper, you will have to wait around 30 days to receive the Journal Officiel, proof that your association has been created.

If you would like your student association to be listed and publicised, contact the communications department at communication@univ-guyane.fr.


The main mission of the university's cultural service is to promote access to artistic and cultural activities for students and the wider university community. In this way, it stimulates the campus with a variety of cultural offerings and provides opportunities for artistic encounters and sharing.

Culture and the arts are very important to the University of Guyana, and we are seeking to develop them by including artists in our courses, giving students a voice, offering contemporary programming, welcoming venues, festivals, workshops on artistic practices, forums for the debate of ideas and scientific culture, concerts, exhibitions, symposiums, cinema, theatre and dance performances... and many human encounters.
To underpin this ambition, the University of Guyana has set up a Culture Commission. Its mission is to organise cultural life on the various campuses and to implement various initiatives in collaboration with and for students and staff.


The SUAPS: Service universitaire des activités physiques et sportives is responsible for setting up and supervising physical and sporting activities for all students and staff at the University of Guyana. This service is aimed at the entire university community. It offers a wide range of possibilities for practising sport as part of your studies at the university, whatever your level!