Mise à jour le 4 April 2023 à 12:43 pm

Strengthening university-business relations is a priority.

Building relationships with the world of business and professionals is now an essential necessity for universities and the future of their students. Strengthening university-business relations is therefore a priority.

Our relations with companies are built through several types of initiatives:

  • The University of Guyana involves representatives from the socio-economic world in its activities: participation in governance bodies, involvement of professionals in courses, research contracts, etc.
  • The school is also a member of a number of business associations, such as Guyane Développement Innovation (GDI).
  • In addition, its links with the local authorities (Communauté d'Agglomération, Conseil Général, Conseil Régional) have resulted in numerous collaborations and joint projects.
  • The partnership that the UG has set up with the GBH Foundation is a major player in the relationship between universities and businesses.

These various initiatives help to revisit the link between research, training and business, with a view to contributing to the development of Guyana and the professional integration of its young people. The role of Guyane Développement Innovation is essential here in building links with businesses and helping to develop more application-oriented research projects. The future of the University also depends on the trust we build up with the business world.