Mise à jour le 4 April 2023 à 12:44 pm

Research focuses on 4 main areas

  1. Biodiversity dynamics in Amazonia and development of natural resources (from genes to ecosystems, in particular the biodiversity of forest, agronomic, marine, coastal and river ecosystems);
  2. Health and health ecology in tropical environments ;
  3. Dynamics of Amazonian societies in their environments and sustainable management of Amazonian territories;
  4. Innovative technologies in the Amazonian environment and bio-inspired technologies;

Research structures focused on Amazonian issues

These thematic research orientations are practised in the host teams (EA) of the University of Guyana, in the Joint Research Units (UMR) co-constructed between the institution and research organisations. Student interns and doctoral students carry out their research at the University and in organisations such as AgroParisTech, CIRAD, CNRS, Institut Pasteur and IRD, which are associated with the University.

Guyane Développement Innovation: a technology park to support the development of research

Guyane développement innovation (GDI), based on the Troubiran University Campus in Cayenne, is a major player in the region's economic development, with a number of missions:

  • Supporting project sponsors in putting together applications and structuring their projects,
  • Supporting the development of Guyanese businesses and the attractiveness and promotion of the region,
  • Increase the competitiveness, performance and innovation potential of SMEs,
  • Encourage, lead, support and intensify industry strategies.