Mise à jour le 4 April 2023 à 12:44 pm

Forget the impersonality of traditional universities

The University of French Guiana offers students the advantage of a human-scale establishment. The teaching staff can devote more time and support to each student. The main reason for this is the size of the classes. Most courses have fewer than 100 students. The UG is not just about easy access to teaching; it's also about personalised community and support services, which make it easier for new students to integrate into the University and succeed in their studies. At the UG, you'll find a friendly environment. Forget the impersonal feel of traditional universities, the UG stands out for its closeness to its students.

The UG offers a stimulating living environment thanks to the quality of its teaching and research infrastructure and the diversity of the cultural and sporting facilities available to the community. It also offers a wide range of services to the entire population.

The University of French Guiana continues to pursue its development while remaining attentive to the needs of its users. In this way, it is continually improving the quality of life for its users and maintaining close links with both its users and the outside world.

The University of French Guiana places great emphasis on welcoming and being close to its students. It is developing its cultural policy of campus events in order to make life even more pleasant for its students. Studying at the UG means benefiting from a good quality of life and choosing a friendly study climate in a pleasant environment.