Mise à jour le 4 April 2023 à 12:45 pm

The University of Guyana aims to become a "citizen's university". To achieve this, it draws on the tradition of the "popular universities". Its doors are open to as many people as possible to disseminate knowledge and the scientific approach in the community. This form of dissemination enables everyone to reflect on the society around them, and to express themselves with full knowledge of the major issues of today and tomorrow.

Over time, it will offer free, open conferences, debates and face-to-face or online workshops. It will be opening its doors wider to conferences, study days, artistic and scientific cultural events and exhibitions.

Conferences for all

This year, we are inaugurating free conferences. As long as places are available, everyone can take part, for the pleasure, the commitment and the desire to learn. Participants sit in the same lecture theatres and classrooms as undergraduate students on the Troubiran campus. These conferences are also offered to staff at our university.

Université du temps libre

Knowledge is now everywhere, about everything. The Université du Temps Libre takes knowledge out of its confined spaces, linking spaces and ages, weaving links between the many constituents of a society that needs to mobilise all its resources to move forward. The Université du Temps Libre is dedicated to the personal development of individuals. It is a place where people can meet, exchange ideas and enjoy each other's company, by stimulating curiosity and intellectual activity, for all those who want to use their time to cultivate, broaden and share their knowledge and skills in a wide range of fields: cultural, scientific, artistic, manual, sporting, etc. The Université du Temps Libre is open to all, and does not require any qualifications to enrol in its courses or to take part in the work and activities run by the University's teaching staff, outside contributors or enthusiasts keen to share their knowledge. There is a wide range of courses on offer. There are language courses (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, as well as Guianese Creole, Srana Tongo, sign language and French as a foreign language), computer courses, artistic activities (drawing, tembé art, percussion, choral singing, etc.) and personal development activities (self-defence, sophrology and Taï-Chi Chuan).
For more information, download the presentation booklet.

Mayouri FM: The floor is yours!

FM radio allows for wider distribution. From the start of the new academic year in September 2015, it will be possible to listen to lectures and debates from home, from a secondary school, etc. Testimonies and analyses by teachers and researchers, focusing on their disciplines or on the challenges facing Amazonian societies and the Guiana Shield, offering cross-referenced definitions of scientific concepts in a way that is accessible to all, will also be broadcast. Sequences will provide an enriching introduction to the courses given at the University of Guyana. Students and staff from the University will be hosting the radio programme.

The UG: a player in society

On request, partnerships are formed with institutions and associations. Workshops, exchanges of knowledge and debates with audiences from all walks of life are being set up on themes such as youth and citizenship, school drop-outs, family/school relations and housing. Economists, anthropologists and psychologists will be on hand to share their analyses. Teachers, researchers and doctoral students will be the link between the university and the local population, helping them to understand, decide and ACT.

Because the University is first and foremost a place of exchange, a place of life, the Troubiran Campus opens its doors to you in order to enrich you by sharing its work, knowledge and culture with you...