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A university firmly rooted in its region

Formerly known as the Pôle Universitaire de Guyane, the UG has been fully operational since 1 January 2009.er January 2015. It is the result of a major institutional change that led the Ministry of Higher Education and Research to give full autonomy to Guyana's university cluster for its development project.

Anchored in its region, the range of courses on offer responds to the socio-economic challenges facing French Guyana: tropical health, biodiversity, development of natural resources, interculturality, multilingualism, social inclusion, etc.
The University supports students throughout their academic career, from the DUT to the Doctorate, via the bachelor's and master's degrees, as well as in their professional career, with the search for internships and help with professional integration. The University of Guyana is first and foremost a local institution on a human scale, providing ongoing support for students and responding to their concerns as effectively as possible.