Mise à jour le 28 February 2024 à 09:08 am

Meeting the challenges of the 21st century

Dear colleagues, students, academic partners and members of the university community,

It is with great pleasure and conviction that I share with you our strategic plan, a document that sums up our contract of objectives, means and performance and our site contract to chart our university's course towards exciting new horizons. In these times of complex challenges and rapid change, we have developed a bold vision that will guide the University of Guyana towards excellence and relevance in the 21st century.

Our first major mission is to become a benchmark university in the Amazon. As an institution rooted in an exceptional environment, we will be the guardians and promoters of local knowledge, while actively contributing to solving the global challenges affecting the Amazon.

We have chosen to adopt an inclusive approach because we believe that academic excellence is strengthened by diversity. We aspire to be a university where every voice is heard, every identity is respected, and every individual has the opportunity to flourish. A university that creates and transmits knowledge, that is committed to the success of its students and the quality of working life of its staff.

Finally, our strategic plan aims to position our university as a force capable of taking action for the development of its region and meeting the challenges of the 21st century. Whether it's through innovative research, training responsible leaders, or contributing to sustainable solutions, we will be up to the challenge of global issues.

I hope that all of the UG's stakeholders will take ownership of this strategic plan and embrace the ambitions it sets out. It is only by embodying these ambitious aspirations together that we will write a new chapter in the history of the University of Guyana. I invite you to join us in this stimulating adventure, to contribute your expertise, your passion and your energy to the realisation of this shared vision.

Thank you for your commitment to our university and for your active contribution to shaping the future of higher education in Amazonia.

The context

The University of Guyana embodies the pioneering spirit of higher education, research and innovation in the Amazonian territory of Guyana. As a European higher education institution, we strive to push back the frontiers of knowledge in the Amazon and we encourage our students and staff to explore the richness of this territory, to grow intellectually and to develop their potential.

Located in a land of immigration, at the heart of the planet's largest green lung, the University of Guyana plays a leading role in understanding and resolving the complex challenges posed by the environmental, social and economic upheavals affecting our planet. Our mission is clear: to be both the guardians of the present and the shapers of the future.

As guardians of the present, we strive to preserve and enhance the cultural, natural and social heritage of our territory, because we recognise the importance of our natural and cultural wealth and are committed to passing it on to future generations.

We are also aware of our responsibility as shapers of the future in the face of the social, migratory, environmental and economic transitions that are impacting us, and we are committed to research, innovation and the exploration of new ways of meeting the challenges facing our society.