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Studying and doing business? Are you a student or recent graduate? Do you have an idea for a start-up and want to make it a reality? Opt for the National Student-Entrepreneur Statute (SNEE) and get some help!

Reveal the entrepreneur in you!

The PEPITE is the key player for students and young graduates. It offers many opportunities to learn about the entrepreneurial spirit: creativity workshops, hackathons, conferences, etc.

The PEPITE acts in its capacity as a public service player and supports all projects, whatever their nature and purpose: creation of an association, collective, business with an economic, social and/or environmental purpose and whether the project is a new creation or a development project within an existing structure.

Two prerequisites: Hold a baccalauréat or equivalent Have a formal project idea

The PEPITE manages the National Student Entrepreneur Status, through which students can discover and acquire knowledge and skills related to entrepreneurship/project creation. It enables all students to benefit from support, to be part of an entrepreneurship network, to be taken in charge, to be able to obtain time waivers or the transformation of their professional training period into a period dedicated to their entrepreneurial project.

The PEPITE also supports participants in the D2E (Diplôme d'Etudiant Entrepreneur) student entrepreneur diploma. This is an enhanced programme leading to certification, based on the "Designing and developing an entrepreneurial project" skills reference framework. This diploma is based on an active teaching approach, combining online and face-to-face courses, workshops, mentoring and individual follow-up, so that students can follow their project through to completion. The course lasts one year, at the end of which a jury validates the entrepreneurial skills and awards the diploma.

PEPITE, the strength of a national network

The 33 PEPITEs in France are committed to promoting the Entrepreneurial Spirit in higher education, and do so to the highest standards of quality and in a spirit of disinterested public service. They are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

PEPITE GUYANE organises various competitions to showcase the region's innovative and creative projects, and plays an active role in raising the profile of our Student-Entrepreneurs in national competitions such as the Prix PEPITE or Pépites des PEPITE for the alumni who have developed their business most strongly, as well as many other initiatives. They share their networks of international partners to facilitate the mobility of young entrepreneurs abroad. All of the joint initiatives undertaken by the PEPITE network are identified by the PEPITE France brand.

Access conditions : 

  • You need to have a formal business idea or project.
  • Students and graduates with a baccalaureate or equivalent with no age limit.

What are the eligibility criteria?

The granting of student-entrepreneur status to a candidate is assessed in the light of :

  • Motivation for the business: ability to explain the meaning of and reasons for the business, as well as professional and personal objectives
  • The reality of the exploratory process: the candidate will use this process to assess the appropriateness of the project, the quality of the presentation of the documentary research carried out, the contacts made with professionals, the questioning of potential beneficiaries, as well as the first drafts of the project proposal.
  • Its understanding of the value of the SNEE and the extent of the commitment that obtaining this status implies on the part of the applicant: the applicant's ability to project him/herself as a holder of the SNEE, to be in a learning posture, and in compliance with the student-entrepreneur charter.

How do I register? 

Come and pick up information directly from the DOSIP on the 1st floor of the student life building (G), Troubiran campus - Cayenne.
Contact: | Tel.: 0594 29 50 57

Support, guidance and professional integration



Guidance, Internships and Professional Integration Department

Ms Linda AMIRI

Ms Jacqueline MANDE
Administrative and Financial Manager

Ms Isabelle CÉDIA
SUIO and Relais Handicap (HR)
0594 29 50 59

Ms Rudmila PORTUT
Job Placement Office (BAIP)
05 94 29 50 57

Troubiran Campus
Student Life Building G
BP 20792
97337 CAYENNE Cedex

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