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Orientation and reorientation

Have you started your studies at university, but they don't match up with your future career aspirations? Are your results unsatisfactory? Or is university simply not for you? You can reorientate yourself from the beginning of the first semester until the end of your degree. But be careful, it's important to choose your studies based on your career plans, so don't go in blindly. You are enrolled in your first year at a higher education establishment. You are experiencing difficulties during the first semester, the University Information and Guidance Service (SUIO) is available to provide you with information and support you in your thinking.

To support you :

  • A psychologist from the French Ministry of Education is available on Friday mornings. At this meeting, you can talk to him or her in complete confidentiality, to define your guidance strategy, consider a change of direction or work out your career plan. Appointment appointment.
  • Documentary resources

A reception and documentation area is available for personalised advice and support without appointment, with free or guided access to computer workstations,

The Study Mobility Passport

Passeport mobilité-études is a means-tested scheme whereby LADOM covers all or part (50%) of the cost of plane tickets for students enrolled in a higher education establishment in a course of study that does not exist or is saturated in French Guiana.

The certificate of non-existence or saturation is issued under the following conditions:

  • Inexistence : the course chosen does not exist in French Guyana,
  • Saturation : have applied in French Guiana and been accepted outside the department due to a lack of places

To obtain a certificate of saturation or non-existence of a channel:

  • The rectorat, via the SAIO (Service académique d'information et d'orientation), only issues certificates for the following courses of study: BTS, CPGE, business, engineering or specialist schools. You should send your request to
  • For applications relating to university courses (DUT, licence, licence professionnelle, master's degree, doctorate), you must send your application to the University of French Guyana at :


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Support, guidance and professional integration



Guidance, Internships and Professional Integration Department

Ms Linda AMIRI

Ms Jacqueline MANDE
Administrative and Financial Manager

Ms Isabelle CÉDIA
SUIO and Relais Handicap (HR)
0594 29 50 59

Ms Rudmila PORTUT
Job Placement Office (BAIP)
05 94 29 50 57

Troubiran Campus
Student Life Building G
BP 20792
97337 CAYENNE Cedex

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