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Déposer sa thèse

According to the 7 August 2006If you are a doctoral student, it is compulsory to deposit your thesis in the university library. With your authorisation, this deposit will then allow your work to be disseminated and promoted.

It is advisable to deposit your medical theses in order to preserve and promote your work.

Submitting your doctoral thesis :

Once you have defended your thesis, you have 3 months in which to complete the thesis registration form and submit the copies to the University Library of French Guiana. Copies must be sent by e-mail to the following address camel.boumedjmadjen@univ-guyane.frthe head of the thesis department. Please also provide the following documents:

  • 1 electronic copy of the thesis in a single file in PDF format. For any other format, please contact the library. You must first test the suitability of your file to the archiving rules of CINES on the platform EASY.
  • 1 signed copy of the thesis distribution contract (electronic).
  • Le registration form of the thesis, page 6 of which must be completed and signed by the doctoral school director.
  • The doctoral student's thesis defence report (to be requested from the doctoral school).

The University Library will provide the doctoral student with a certificate of deposit, which must be presented to the doctoral school in order to obtain a certificate of successful completion.

Medical theses can now be submitted directly to the Université des Antilles.



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