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There are 3 stages to enrolling at university

1. Applications

Examination of the application by an educational committee.

Parcoursup | eCandidat | Extra-Community | Doctoral studentMaster 1

2. Administrative registration

Effective enrolment after admission by the Teaching Committee.

3. Educational registration

Enrolment in university courses and examinations.

Applications for 1st year of a Bachelor's degree or BUT (Bachelor of Technology)



Parcoursup key dates

  • Discover the courses: 20/12 to 18/01/2023
  • Registrations and requests: 18/01 to 09/03/2023
  • Complete your application and confirm your wishes: 10/03 to 06/04/2023
  • Main admission phase: 01/06 to 13/07/2023
  • Complementary phase: 25/07 to 15/09

Main phase

Parcoursup is a platform for access to higher education. Parcoursup is primarily aimed at future high school graduates who want to continue their studies in French higher education. Parcoursup which allows access to the first year of higher education, it also concerns students wishing to access a new course (reorientation) or resume their studies after an interruption. The platform is open to all profiles, with no age limit.

Not affected by Parcoursup :

  • Students repeating a year or transferring to another institution, who must re-register with their institution (IA Réins),
  • Candidates with a request for prior admission (DAP) for foreign students,
  • Candidates for continuing education.
The admissions phase closes on 15 September 2020 for higher education on Parcoursup.

Complementary phase

The main admission phase Parcoursup ends on 17 July.

The complementary phase is open June to mid-September.
This complementary phase will offer applicants all the places available on the courses. The range of courses on offer changes regularly as places become available as a result of applicants' responses.

The complementary phase is open to :

  • Applicants who have already accepted a wish but wish to change to another course.
  • Applicants who have not yet been offered admission in the main phase,
  • Applicants who have not confirmed their wishes in April,
  • Those who have never registered on Parcoursup.

A candidate who has already expressed a wish for a course at a given establishment in the main phase cannot express wishes for the same course in the complementary phase.

PARCOURSUP calendar | UG application calendar

Applications for courses from Bac+2 to Bac+8: from Licence 2 to thesis and continuing education

To apply for a course outside the parcoursup, you must connect to the website eCandidat. Once you have submitted your application, it will be evaluated by the educational committees of the course you have chosen and their opinion will be sent to you via the website eCandidat.

If you are accepted, you can proceed with the administrative registration procedure.

UG application calendar

M1 applications

Apart from repeat applicants and applicants from outside the European Union, all applications for access to the 1st year of the Master's programme must be made online at

If you wish to apply for a Master 2 degree, please send your application to ecandidate

UG application calendar | Master's application procedure

Non-EU student

If you have a baccalaureate obtained abroad (outside Europe), and you have never been enrolled in French higher education, you must apply for prior admission (DAP) for any 1st year of Licence (only).

Applying for continuing education

Continuing education
The Institut Universitaire de Formation Continue is launching its application campaign. You can now apply at to the training of your choice.

Gap year request

Any student on an initial training course who wishes to take a temporary break from their studies in order to gain personal or professional experience. You must submit your application on  ecandidate

UG application calendar | Application procedure for a gap year

Application for free auditor status

Any user wishing to obtain additional training in a specific field, without the intention of obtaining a diploma. Application to be made online at ecandidate

UG application calendar | Free auditor procedure

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