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The course

A temporary period of work experience in a professional environment, the work placement has an educational objective. This immersion should enable students to acquire professional skills and put into practice what they have learned. An internship in a company or organisation may be undertaken at any level of study (bachelor's, master's and doctorate) provided that the year of study includes at least 200 hours of teaching.

The BAIP (Bureau d'aide à l'insertion professionnelle) advises and assists students in their search for work placements. They can take part in workshops:

Help with finding internships

  • Consult the catalogue of internship offers available from the BAIP,
  • CV, covering letter and job interview workshops.

The agreement

All internships, regardless of their duration, must be covered by a tripartite internship agreement, signed by the intern, the host organisation and the university. In order to facilitate the process of managing internship agreements, the University of Guyana offers you a simple tool for creating your internship agreements online Pstage.

You've found your work placement: Well done!

All you have to do is log in using your username at internship portal. If you need help in drawing up your placement agreement, there will be an office open every Thursday from 2pm to 5pm at the DOSIP via the BAIP. This is when the administrative process begins for drawing up the placement agreement between you, your future employer and your enrolment establishment!

  1. Create and print 3 copies of your agreement, using your course sheet approved by your training and professional tutor,
  2. A certificate of civil liability insurance must be provided.
  3. Starting the signature process
  4. The mandatory signatories are : The student, the training tutor, the training establishment, the host organisation's placement tutor, the representative of the host organisation.
  5. Receive your three copies of the signed agreement. You will receive two copies, one for you and the other to send to the host organisation. The 3th copy is kept by the school
  6. Start your internship.


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Support, guidance and professional integration



Guidance, Internships and Professional Integration Department

Ms Linda AMIRI

Ms Jacqueline MANDE
Administrative and Financial Manager

Ms Isabelle CÉDIA
SUIO and Relais Handicap (HR)
0594 29 50 59

Ms Rudmila PORTUT
Job Placement Office (BAIP)
05 94 29 50 57

Troubiran Campus
Student Life Building G
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