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Opening of 7 doctoral grants at the University of Guyana for 2023. Information and applications.

The University of Guyana will be offering 7 doctoral contracts for 2024

The University of Guyana will be offering 7 PhD contract funding opportunities for the year 2024, within the framework of exciting research projects centred on the Amazon. These opportunities revolve around the following four major themes:

  • Dynamics of biodiversity in Amazonia and development of natural resources
  • Health and Health Ecology in Tropical Environments
  • Dynamics of Amazonian Societies in their Environments and Sustainable Governance of Amazonian Territories
  • Innovative and bio-inspired technologies in the Amazon environment

These doctoral contracts offer a unique opportunity to contribute to significant advances in these areas of research.

Documentation Application

École doctorale

Type : School
Speciality: Diversity, health and development in Amazonia
Website :

L he University of Guyana is a multidisciplinary university offering doctoral programmes in all disciplinary sectors. Doctoral training is provided on the Troubiran Campus. The "Diversity, Health and Development in the Amazon" doctoral school (ED) brings together research laboratories, thesis supervisors and their doctoral students, focusing on the major challenges facing the Amazon.

Themes at the heart of the project

  • Biodiversity dynamics in Amazonia: from genes to ecosystems, in particular the biodiversity of agronomic, marine, coastal and fluvial forest ecosystems;
  • The dynamics of ecosystems, whether spontaneous or influenced by human action (human-environment interactions);
  • Technologies in the Amazonian environment and bio-inspired technologies ;
  • Health and health ecology in tropical environments ;
  • Dynamics and sustainable management of Amazonian territories;
  • Dynamics of Amazonian societies in their environments.

Conditions for access to doctoral studies at the University of Guyana

Enrolment in the first year of the doctoral programme is decided by the head of the establishment on a proposal from the Director of the Doctoral School, after receiving the opinion of the thesis director and the director of the research unit or team on the quality of the project and the conditions under which it will be carried out.

To be registered as a doctoral student you must :

Hold a national master's degree

Hold a national master's degree or another degree conferring the grade of master, following a course of training or professional experience establishing your aptitude for research.

If this diploma requirement is not met, the head of the establishment may, by dispensation and on the recommendation of the Doctoral School Council, authorise the registration of :

  • candidates who have studied abroad at an equivalent level ;
  • candidates benefiting from the validation of acquired experience provided for in article L. 613-5 of the Education Code.

Contact a laboratory at the University of Guyana

Contact a laboratory of the University of Guyana (UG) or one of the Doctoral School's partner laboratories to identify a thesis supervisor who will agree to accompany you, monitor your work throughout your doctorate and help you define your thesis subject.

You can also apply directly to the UG laboratories, which offer thesis topics for the next academic year.

Proposals for thesis topics are available on the Doctoral School website from March of the current academic year.

Proof of financing or professional activity

To be admitted to a doctoral programme at the UG, you must have a permanent professional activity or find funding for the three years of your thesis.

In other words, you must be either an employee or the beneficiary of a doctoral contract from the University of Guyana, a research organisation that is a partner of the UG, or a contract of employment as part of an industrial agreement for training through research (CIFRE) from a private company.

Putting together an application

Admission to the first year of the thesis is by application.

Once you have decided on the subject of your thesis and identified your thesis supervisor, you can submit your application to the Doctoral School.

To do this, you must complete an application form and send it to the Doctoral School administration, together with all the documents indicated on the form.

The application must include the reasoned opinion of the thesis director. It must be signed by the candidate, the thesis director (and any co-director) and the director of the host laboratory.

In accordance with the Decree of 25 May 2016, the Doctoral School Council, sitting in a formation restricted to members of the "Commission for doctoral contracts and first thesis registrations", decides on the admissibility of the application, based on pedagogical and administrative criteria.

Educational :

  • the scientific quality of the dossier ;
  • whether the subject is in line with the scientific policy of the institution and the ED;
  • the project's relevance to one of the major challenges facing the Amazon;
  • the quality of the applicant's master's dossier (overall average, dissertation mark, etc.);
  • the quality of supervision (status, number of PhD students supervised) ;

Administrative :

  • qualifications required ;
  • suitability of the candidate's training to the research project envisaged;
  • level and motivation of the candidate ;
  • quality of the file (complete, incomplete, etc.) ;
  • the quality of the applicant's professional integration project and the promotion of their work in the region.
  • The Council's opinion is equivalent to authorisation to enrol in the Doctoral School.

Complete your ED administrative registration

Administrative registration is reserved for candidates who have received a favourable opinion from the Doctoral School Council.

To finalise the application process, you must, as soon as you receive the Council's opinion, proceed with your administrative registration within the deadlines indicated on the notice sent to you.


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