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Entreprenariat et offres d'emploi

The DOSIP (Direction de l'Orientation, des Stages et de l'Insertion Professionnelle - Department of Orientation, Internships and Professional Integration) is responsible for welcoming, informing and guiding a wide range of people, contributing to the professional integration of UG students, the inclusion of students with special needs and conducting surveys on professional integration and student life. The DOSIP coordinates four services in synergy: the University Information and Guidance Service (SUIO), the Relais-Handicap (R-H), the Bureau de l'aide à l'insertion professionnelle (BAIP) and the Observatoire de la vie étudiante et insertion professionnelle (OVE-IP).

Becoming an entrepreneur at the University of Guyana

The University of Guyana offers its students the opportunity to consider entrepreneurship as a possible route to professional integration during their university studies, whatever their interests or course of study.

As such, the objectives of the University of Guyana's Entrepreneurship mission are to :

Raising awareness : Disseminating an entrepreneurial culture among the University's students
The Entrepreneurship mission wishes to :

  • Informing students about schemes that enable them to carry out an entrepreneurial project during their studies
  • To inspire students by introducing them to entrepreneurs with a variety of projects and backgrounds, and to help them identify unsuspected entrepreneurial skills,
  • Bringing students together for meetings and events dedicated to discovering entrepreneurship and innovation, supported by a network of third places conducive to creativity and sharing.

Form : Learning to do business
The Entrepreneurship programme gives students an insight into the implementation of entrepreneurial projects through :

  • Teaching units in entrepreneurship at the request of teachers, whatever their course or level of training. These training modules are based on an active teaching method that puts students in a project creation situation.
  • Themed workshops to develop your entrepreneurial skills and build your competencies.

Support: Business in a caring environment
Any student or recent graduate of the University wishing to undertake an entrepreneurial project can benefit from a range of support services.

  • National Student Entrepreneur Status (SNEE)
    Thanks to the National Student Entrepreneur Status, students and recent graduates who so wish can build, within their institution and as part of their course of study, the path that will lead them to the realisation of their project, whatever the entrepreneurial approach. This status, open to all students, makes it possible to combine academic success and entrepreneurship.
  • The Inter-University Student Entrepreneur Diploma (D2E)
    For holders of the National Student Entrepreneur status, the University of Guyana offers its students an Inter-University Diploma (DIU). As part of the DIU, students focus on acquiring or developing the knowledge and professional and/or personal experience needed to build their entrepreneurial project.

To register, go to the pépite France/étudiants entrepreneurs website and apply.

Student employment, civic services

Becoming a student worker at the University of Guyana
Each year, the school recruits for :

  • Welcoming, supporting and adapting students with special needs,
  • Educational tutoring,
  • Cultural, scientific, sporting and social events,
  • Helping people into work,
  • Investigators,
  • Event organisation.

These contracts are concluded for a maximum period of 12 months, with working hours not exceeding half-time during the university period and compatible with the pursuit of studies. Application form to be collected each year between June and September from :

DOSIP, bat G
University of French guiana
Troubiran Campus

The BAIP also receives offers of jobs, student work and voluntary work from companies, partners and associations. If you are looking for a job alongside your studies, please apply to

Become a civic service volunteer
The Civic Service Commitment is the main form of civic service, aimed at young people aged 16 to 25. It involves :

  • A voluntary commitment lasting between 6 and 12 months to carry out a mission of general interest in one of the nine areas recognised as priorities for the nation: culture and leisure, international development and humanitarian action, education for all, the environment, emergency intervention, remembrance and citizenship, health, solidarity and sport;
  • At least 24 hours a week ;
  • Giving rise to the payment of an allowance paid by the State, and additional support, in kind or in cash, paid by the host organisation;
  • Entitled to a comprehensive state-funded social protection scheme.

Recognition of your civic service commitment

  • If you are a student on a Civic Service assignmentIf you're looking for a practical way of getting your commitment recognised, either as part of a gap year or in parallel with a training course.

Consult the vacancies on the Civic Service Agency website


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Support, guidance and professional integration



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