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L he creation of the new Institut National Supérieures du Professorat et de l'éducation (INSPE) is a response to the desire to bring together the scientific and educational strengths of a single academy, in a single university component to train teachers.

These institutes welcome students preparing for competitive recruitment exams and national education staff on lifelong learning courses.


Created in September 2013 as part of the law on orientation and programming for the refoundation of the school of the Republic, the Ecole Supérieure du Professorat et de l'Education de l'académie de Guyane, has around 500 students (year 2014-2015), 43 teaching, administrative and technical staff spread over two sites (Cayenne and Saint Laurent du Maroni).

Component of the'At the University of Guyana, the ESPE is organising : 

  • Master's degrees in teaching, education and training (MEEF) in primary and secondary education, awarded after two years of postgraduate study;
  • Work-linked University Diplomas (DU) for those who have already obtained a Master's degree;
  • Masters courses in social work and scientific mediation;
  • preparation for the CRPE entrance exam.

The teaching provided at the ESPE in French Guyana has a professional vocation. They focus on 4 main areas: 

  • subject-based teaching ;
  • a common core curriculum to create a shared culture for all future teachers;
  • progressive specialisation according to the career chosen by the student;
  • teaching geared towards professional practice, with an international and research focus

Roles and missions

The ESPE in French Guiana is one of the major objectives of the law on the reorganisation of the French Republic's schools, and its aim is to provide high-quality training that meets the specific needs and constraints of the region.

More generally, the main missions of the ESPE in French Guyana are to provide initial training for future teachers in the teaching and education professions, in-service training for teachers working in the education authority and the development of educational research.

Federating initiatives around common projects...


  • Implement the range of courses set out in the accreditation application;
  • Promoting equal opportunities in the region by strengthening its presence in the West and developing digital training;
  • Offering personalised support in preparation for competitive examinations: the aim is to improve students' level of knowledge so that they can succeed in competitive examinations;
  • Develop in-service training for teaching staff in the Académie ;
  • Developing educational research.
  • Coordinate...


In accordance with article L721-3 of the French Education Code, the Ecole Supérieure du Professorat et de l'Education de l'académie de Guyane is administered by a School Council.

It also includes a Scientific and Pedagogical Orientation Council, which is responsible for monitoring the school's project as defined in the accreditation application. The COSP also contributes to discussions on the school's major training and research policy guidelines.

The ESPE is headed by a Director, appointed for a five-year term by joint order of the Ministers for Higher Education and National Education.


Institut National Supérieures du Professorat et de l'éducation (National Institute for Higher Education)
University of French guiana
Troubiran Campus
BP 20792- 97337 Cayenne Cedex


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Institut National Supérieure du Professorat et de l'Éducation (National Institute for Teacher Training and Education)

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